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All City Permits
is a full service permit expediting firm with many years of experience expediting permits and licenses. Our headquarters are based in South Florida. We started servicing all cities in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We now service the State of Florida and have expanded to many cities and counties in the USA.

All City Permits works with all types of Residential and Commercial projects. We help ease the permit approval process and save time and money for Homeowners, Contractors, Corporations, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Lawyers and Investors. Click here to see some of the national, regional companies and other organizations that we service.

If you would like our rate sheet, please fill out our contact form or email us at You can also call us for a FREE Consultation at 305-300-0364 or 833-My-Permits (697-3764). Our clients appreciate our straight forward pricing and the fact that our pricing stays consistent and does not fluctuate by job value, square footage, or type of client. This results in a large majority of clients becoming long term clients and a source of steady referrals. We look forward to being of service to you!


Building Permits
Master permit, Sub-permits, Owner/Builder, Revisions, Standalone, etc.


We can get you any type of Building Permit for your project (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Over The Counter permit, Owner/Builder permit, etc.). We take care of the permit process from start to finish including permit submission, plan review, resubmission (to correct any comments if needed) and getting the permit issued. We can also do any permit extension, renew/close any expired permit, change of contractor/architect/engineer, and request the Certificate of Occupancy/Completion (CO-CC) for completed jobsites.

Based on your particular project you will have to be reviewed by different departments at your particular city and also county which include Building, DERM, Electrical, Elevator, Environmental, Fire, Flood Plain Management, Impact Fees, Landscaping, Mechanical, Planning & Zoning, Plumbing, Public Works, Roofing, Structural, Urban Forestry, and Water & Sewer.To learn more about the challenges of the permit process click here.




Code Violation Repair

We specialize in fixing code enforcement violations, stop work orders, unsafe structures, expired permits, and legalization. If you have received a notice of violation it is in your best interest to response as quickly as possible. If you are not familiar with the process it could be a daunting task filled with frustration and disappointment. We offer complete management of the Code Violation Repair process from start to finish and our goal is to become a cost effective and trusted resource for you.




Construction and Permit
Consulting Services

We can help you do your due diligence before investing and purchasing a particular residential or commercial property or starting a construction project. It's  important to plan correctly to limit surprises that come up during the permit process. Our Construction and Permit Consulting Services includes Permit History, Open/Expired Permits, Open Violations, Preconstruction Consulting, Planning/Zoning Research/Special Approvals, Zoning Hearings, Variances, Rezoning, Historic Preservation Board Approvals, Conditional Use,  and Private Provider.




Business Licenses

Opening a business, whether from starting from scratch or buying a business and transferring ownership is an exciting time in your life. In order to comply with local city, county and state laws there are licenses that must be obtained. We can help you get all these licenses. This service all includes any type of business license such as Certificate of Use, Business Tax Receipt, Sales Tax Certificate, EIN Number, Fictitious Name, State License, or special license such as Beer, Wine and Liquor.




Notice of Commencement Recording

We will record your Notice of Commencement with the proper county clerk of courts. This service is available for all cities and counties in Florida. Most documents can be recorded the same day or within 24 hours.

We only need a copy of document. Original is not needed. Cost is $78 ($65 our fee, $13 county fee). Place Order Now




Asbestos Survey

We Perform Asbestos Testing Service, Fast Service and Turnaround Time. We take care of our customers with same day (when available) or next day service. It takes about an hour to collect the sample and within a few days you will have the lab results and report.

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that has unique properties of flexibility, strength, acoustic properties, and is resistant to fire, heat, chemical, and electrical conditions.

In South Florida, most building departments will require an Asbestos review from their particular county before a permit will be issued. These projects include all demolition or renovation projects, involving commercial buildings or residential buildings with four (4) or more building units affecting 160 square feet, 260 linear feet or 35 cubic feet or more of regulated asbestos containing materials (RACM). An asbestos survey must be completed for all demolition and renovation projects over 160 square feet.




Professional Services By Others

During the permit process and construction you will need the Professional Services of others. We have compiled a list of companies that we can recommend for these items and we will take care of permit process with your particular city or county.
· Architect
· Engineer
.· Blueprints Drafter
.· General Contractor
.· Electrical Contractor
.· Mechanical Contractor
.· Plumbing Contractor
.· Roofing Contractor
.· Property Appraisal




40/50 Year Building Recertification
Inspection and Report

Buildings in Florida are required to be recertified for electrical and structural safety after the initial 40 years age of the building and then every 10 years thereafter. The purpose of the inspection is to minimize structural and electrical failures and be better prepared for hurricane-force winds. The inspection also helps owners plan for future repairs and renovations.

We can take care of your 40 year inspection and recertification from start to finish. Our Professional Engineer will make the 40/50 Year Building Recertification inspection and report for you and then we will take care of the permit process with your particular city or county.




Land Surveying


The Property Survey is a document prepared by a professional surveyor that shows your structure dimensions and other improvements, boundary lines, utility locations, parking, setbacks, and other related information on your property.

Building Departments require a current property survey (produced in the last six months) for all new construction, additions, substantial improvements to a structure, or any outside work such as fence, shed, driveway, or swimming pool. This survey will ensure that all building codes, zoning setbacks and regulations are being met. We can take care of your survey needs from start to finish.




Food Service License
Restaurants (Sit Down or Takeout), Caterers,
Mobile Food Vendors, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops, Juice Bars, Bakeries

To sell food, you must have the correct Food Service license from the Department of Business Professional Regulation (usually for hot foods) or Department of Agriculture (usually for cold foods) and is applied for based on your particular business type, such as Restaurants (Sit Down or Takeout), Caterers, Mobile Food Vendors, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops, Juice Bars, Bakeries, etc.

You must also get approval from your particular city that business is located in and sometimes also the county. If you need help with these approvals we can also help with that. We can take care of your food service license from start to finish.




Beer and Wine Liquor License

To sell beer, wine or liquor, you must have the correct license from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. License type is applied for based on your particular business type and intended operations such as retailers, restaurants, caterers, motels/hotels, nightclubs, sporting venues, etc. You must also get approval from your particular city that license is applied for in as well as the Department of Revenue and the Department of Health. If you need help with these approvals we can also help with that.

We can take care of your Beer, Wine and Liquor license from start to finish. This process requires that we have to go to the following agencies for signatures, City's Zoning department, Department of Revenue, Department of Health, and Division of Alcohol and Tobacco.




Change of Use Permit

We can help you get a Change of Use permit. Any new business activity in a space that is different then its previous use will most of the time require a Change of Use permit.

For example, when a retail space changes into a restaurant or if an office changes into a retail space. Plan review is required from the Building Department to ensure that the minimum building and life-safety requirements are complied with.

Most of the time a General Contractor will be needed (even if no work is being done in the space) and also a floor plan of the space must be submitted to the Building Department for review.




Short Term Vacation Rentals

We can get you your Short Term Vacation Rental License to rent your private property on a short term basis (in certain cities that allow them) in South Florida. Short term rentals have become popular alternatives to the rental of traditional hotel rooms.

A short-term vacation rental is any dwelling unit or residence including, but not limited to, any unit or group of units in a condominium, cooperative or apartment building that is rented in whole or in part to a transient occupant for a period of less than 30 days or one calendar month, whichever is less. In addition to property owners, we also work with Hotel/Motel operators and Property Management companies that want to transfer licenses to new owners.




Special Event Permits

We can help you get the permits for your Special Events in South Florida. Any event or activity that temporarily occurs upon public or private property that affects the ordinary use of any park, public street, right-of-ways or sidewalks is considered a Special Event.

Examples of special events include art festivals, carnivals, celebrations, certain outdoor business promotional events, circuses, fairs, farmers markets, grand opening celebrations, holiday events, musical performances, parades/marches, races, sporting events, television/commercials/movie productions and temporary structures (such as tent structures, stages, bleachers and lighting/sound system towers).




Right of Way Permits (ROW)


We can help you get a Right of Way (ROW) Use permit in South Florida. Any work in the city's right of way including but not limited to driveways, streets, utilities (electric, cable, water, sewer, cable) will require a Right of Way permit.

We are a full service company and can help you with all needed items from start to finish, such as needed Plans, Survey, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan, all other applicable documents and applying for and getting your Right of Way permits issued.




Construction Grants.


We can help you get any Construction Grants. At various times of the year or when funding becomes available a lot of cities in the State of Florida offer grant funds from local city, county, or the State when these funds are available. Program guidelines, available funds, and eligible candidates change so we can check your particular situation at that time when you reach out to us.

Many cities operates a CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) for that district who purpose is to help build up properties located in that area. In addition, we can help you with State of Florida grants that come available such as Florida Rebuild (program by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity [DEO] created for help Floridians from Hurricane damage) and any other construction related grant that comes available.




Solar Panel Systems
We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with one of the leading solar panel providers to offer a full service solar solution for homeowners in South Florida

From years of experience in the permit part of the solar process, we saw that there is a real need so we got more involved. Until now homeowners looking to benefit from Solar (also know as solar systems, solar photovoltaic, solar energy, solar panels, and solar roofs) had to do everything themselves. Find the correct contractor, design the system, get solar plans made up, get the permits, get the work installed, city inspections, etc.

Benefits of Going Solar Include:
• Partial Energy Independence
• Solar is a Clean Green Energy
• Reducing Monthly FPL Electric Bill
• Good Long Term Investment   
• Government Incentives and Tax Credits
• 25 Year System Warranty
• System Monitoring Service
• Financing Available


















Private Provider Services
Plans Review, Inspections, Engineering

In 2002, the Florida Legislature created Section 553.791 of the Florida Statutes titled "Alternative plans review and inspection". This statute enables the owner of a property, or the owner's contractor, to use a private company called a private provider to provide both building plans review and the required inspections during construction instead of that particular city's building department. The private provider can do one or both of these processes, but interaction with the local building department is still required.

As a Private Provider we can prioritize your project and expedite the process, ability to work after hours, weekends, and some holidays, ability to move as fast as the construction takes place. Some additional benefits for using Private Provider services are cost savings offered by municipalities for the total permit fees. This service is designed for large building projects. Not offered on small jobs.




Membership Plan

When it comes to Permits, Licenses, and Construction related activities most of the public is not familiar with the process and find it a difficult process to navigate. All City Permits is here to help fill that void! We will help you save time and money on costly mistakes.

With a Membership Plan that costs only 83 cents a day, you will have access to our team of trained professionals to help you with a wide range of permit related functions. Do not wait until a problem or particular problem arises to signup. Do it now, be prepared and have peace of mind to know that you are setup. Designed for Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners and Investors. Click here to learn more.




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Most Florida
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Our Permit
Related Services

- Business Tax Receipt

- Certificate of Use

Certificate of Occupancy

- Certificate of Completion

- Change of Contractor

- Expired Permits Closure

- Fire & Building         

- Inspections Management

- Original Plans & Record Searches

- Permit / Violation Searches

- Permitting Administration

- Permit Extension

- Permit Renewals

- Plan Review & Processing

- Preconstruction Consulting

- Recording Services

- Special Inspections

- Violation Remediation

- Zoning Hearings & Variances

- 40 Year Inspections


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"This company was wonderful to work with. We had a difficult time with a particular building department and All City was able to work through it for us and get the permit we needed. Great communication and fair prices. Would highly recommend." Paul A.


Our Clients

All City Permits works
with Residential and Commercial clients
of all sizes.

Below are some of the national and regional companies and other organizations that we service.


Permit Pro Tips


Permit Pro Tips is an educational video series created by All City Permits for Individuals that want to learn more about permitting and licensing. These videos are very short (two minutes or less) and our goal is to familiarize the public with the various aspects of the permit process.  

Click here to view over 50 Videos on various topics.



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