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Challenges of the Permit Process 




Valuable time is wasted in traffic, waiting in line, and dealing with the government's bureaucratic process at the city's planning department and other agencies such as DERM, WASA, Impact Fees and Fire departments. All City Permits works with all types of Residential and Commercial projects.  

All City Permits offers a range of reliable services at a low cost to assist you with the process of pulling permits. We offer complete management of the permit process from start to finish and our goal is to become a cost effective and trusted resource for your company. We perform these services with the same sense of urgency, professionalism and attention to detail that you would deliver yourself or expect from your internal staff.

If you’ve ever tried pulling a permit at the city then you know how frustrating it can be.

It seems like it would be an easy and simple task, however

You go into the process thinking it's going to be easy, but you quickly learn that it's a very involved process.

Common permit submission mistakes include:

· Not having the correct paperwork with you

· Missing signatures on application

· Forgetting to have signatures notarized

· Not having supporting documents

· Incomplete jobsite plans. 

The list of requirements seem a mile long.

After submitting plans, you still have to go through a plans review process. Next you receive comments and send them to the Architect and/or Engineer to address. Then, once comments have been addressed, there is the resubmission process with supporting documents. 

Many times during the permit process, certain aspects of the intended work will go through changes because the owner or developer made changes and then revisions need to be submitted and approved. There might be holds on the property that stop the permit process such as violations or other issues that need to be cleared up.

When applicable, plans will have to go through reviews and be approved from other agencies such as DERM, WASA, Impact Fees and Fire. There are many other obstacles that come up during permit process that need to be navigated through to get a final permit issued.

It sometimes seems that like the permit process takes longer then the actual work being performed.

Just like you would not attempt to prepare and file your own taxes, you should hire an expert in the industry to expedite your jobsite permits. You’ll save valuable time and money by outsourcing this aspect of your construction projects. 

All City Permits is an expert in the permit field with many years of experience in South Florida. We have established working relationships with many building department's officials and supervisors.































Call us today 305-300-0364 or 833-My-Permits (697-3764)
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About Us

All City Permits is a full service permit expediter - permit runner with many years of experience expediting all types of
permits and licensing in
South Florida, including
Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We now service the State of Florida and have expanded to many cities and counties
in the USA

We help ease the permit approval process and save time and money for Homeowners, Contractors, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers,
Lawyers and Investors.


Our Services Include:

All types of
Building Permits

County Review Approvals

Code Violation Repair

Certificate of Use

Business Tax Receipts

NOC and Other Recordings

Contractor Records

Professional Services by Others

Real Estate Services

40/50 Year Recertifications

Re-Occupancy Service

Inspections Management

Other Business Services

Special Event Permits

State Licensing

New Business Setup
Beer/Wine/Liquor Licensing

Federal Licensing


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