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Practical Tips and Insights on the Permitting / Licensing Process

Permit Pro Tips is an educational video series created by All City Permits for Individuals that want to learn more about permitting and licensing. These videos are very short (2 minutes or less) and our goal is to familiarize the public with the various aspects of the permit process.

What is a Permit Expediter?
Which Type of Home Improvement Projects
Require a Permit in Florida?
Which Type of Projects
Do Not Require a Permit
in Florida?
What Happens If I Do
Work Without a Permit?
Why Should I Hire a
Licensed Contractor?
Why do I Need Blueprints
to get my Permit in Florida?
Property Due Diligence
Pre-Construction Planning
How Much Will The City Charge for Permit Fees?
Original Documents
Signing and Notarizing
Permit Document
Understanding the
Different Types of Permits
Understanding the Different Types of Contractors used
in a Construction Jobsite
Which Departments will Review My Blueprints and Supporting Documents
During Plan Review?
Initial Permit Review
Correction’s Permit Review
Contractor Registration
What is an
Owner Builder Permit?
Construction Inspection
Permit Extension
Expired Permit
Permit Revision
Notice of Commencement Florida Recording
What is Expedited
Plan Review?
Building Department
Permit Review
Structural Department
Permit Review
Planning and Zoning Department Permit Review
Electrical Department
Permit Review
Plumbing Department
Permit Review
Mechanical Department
Permit Review
Fire Department
Permit Review
Flood Department
Permit Review
Roofing Department
Permit Review
Public Works
Permit Review
What is a Notary Public?
Why do I need a Notary Public for Permit Applications / Documents?
Why do I Have to Schedule Inspections during Construction?
What is a Private Provider
in the Florida Construction Industry?

What are Special Inspectors Forms in Florida?

What is a Property Survey
and Why is it Needed for my Construction Project?
What is an Elevation Certificate and Why is it Needed for my Construction Project?

What is Florida Product Approval and
Miami Dade NOA?

What is 3 Times Plan Review Mandatory Meeting with Building Department?
What is the difference
between City of Miami and Unincorporated Miami-Dade Building Departments?
Why do City and County Municipalities in Florida
have a No Gift Policy?
Code Violation Repair
40 Year Inspection
Special Event Permit
County Asbestos Review Tips
County FOG (Fats, Oil
and Grease) Review
New Business Setup
Business License
State Licensing
Federal Licensing
Beer, Wine and
Liquor License
What is Release of Lien?
What is Notice of Termination?

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About Us

All City Permits is a full service permit expediter - permit runner - permit consultant with many
years of experience expediting all types of
permits and licensing in
the in South Florida,
Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

All City Permits works with all types of Residential and Commercial projects. We help ease the permit approval process and save time and money for Homeowners, Contractors, Corporations, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Lawyers and Investors.

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Our clients appreciate our straight forward pricing and the fact that our pricing stays consistent and does not fluctuate by job value, square footage, or type of client. Most of the time, once a client uses our services, they are satisfied and they start sending us all their projects since they know that pricing will stay consistent and not change on each job.


Our Services Include:

All types of
Building Permits

County Review Approvals

Code Violation Repair

Certificate of Use

Business Tax Receipts

NOC and Other Recordings

Contractor Records

Professional Services by Others

Real Estate Services

40/50 Year Recertifications

Re-Occupancy Service

Inspections Management

Other Business Services

Special Event Permits

State Licensing

New Business Setup
Beer/Wine/Liquor Licensing

Federal Licensing


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