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Fort Lauderdale
Owner Builder Permits
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We provide Owner Builder Permit services for projects in Fort Lauderdale. Call Us at 305-300-0364 for a FREE Consultation.

The provisions of Chapter 489 of the Florida Statutes allows owners that live in a property to act as the General Contractor and apply for Owner Builder permits on that particular property (construction cost cannot exceed $75,000). If the property is an investment such as a rental, fixer upper then flip, or commercial property, the owner cannot apply for the permits and must hire a licensed General Contractor.

Just like in the case of permits applied and issued under a General Contractor, the Owner Builder permit would still need all valid Sub Contractors for the trade work involved in the property such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing and the like. This work would have to be done by Sub Contractors with valid State Licenses, Insurance and supporting documents.

In addition, each building department will have their own testing methods that Owners applying for Owner Builder permit will have to pass to demonstrate that they are familiar with construction methods and standards for the work that they are applying to be done. Another consideration to take into account is that Owners must have their own liability and workers compensation insurance to cover any injuries that take place on their property. They will also be responsible for all work done by workers on their property. Home insurance policies ordinarily do not cover this type of liability.

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