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We are at the forefront of new available technologies being used in the permit process. Few cities have implemented an e-permit system that allows users to apply for certain kinds of permits using their online system. 

The process is the same as in person submission except the entire process is done online. Permit applications, blueprints and supporting  documents still need to be submitted correctly, permit still needs to be reviewed by the different departments, corrections submitted if applicable and fees paid.

We are able to pass on our cost savings (travel and waiting time at the city) when using    e-permittting for applicable permits.

With e-permits it is very important that submissions are complete at time of submission or permit will not be reviewed until missing information or documents are corrected. This can create a lot of wasted time. 

Common permit submission mistakes include:

- Incorrect or missing information on permit applications. 
- Missing Signatures on application and supporting documents
- Not having the correct paperwork with you
- Forgetting to have signatures notarized
- Not having supporting documents
- Incomplete jobsite plans.

The list of requirements seem a mile long.

Let us take care of the permit process for you: submission, review process, corrections (if applicable), and getting permit issued. 




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