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City of Sweetwater
Re-Occupancy Inspection and Certificate Service

A certificate of re-occupancy is required each time there is any transfer
of ownership of title for all residential dwellings in the City of Sweetwater

Properties will not close without this inspection and issued certificate. Cities defined residential dwellings as any single family, duplex, triplex, or condominium unit. Both the seller and buyer are responsible for obtaining the certificate of re-occupancy.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the property is in compliance with the original zoning regulations of that city.  The inspection made in connection with a certificate of re-occupancy is neither a structural, electrical, plumbing nor mechanical inspection and does not represent that the premises conform to the provisions of the Code, including the building and technical codes adopted by the city. It does however provide new buyers with a re-occupancy certificate verifying that no zoning violations exist on the property but there may be other code violations on the property such as building violations.  

All City Permits will save you valuable time and money by getting this inspection and certificate issued during your allocated closing period. If not done correctly, the closing will not happen and the delays could cost the seller additional lost of funds and time. In addition, the city could take enforcement action against the seller and/or buyer, which may include fines, court costs, administrative costs and additional re-occupancy inspection costs. It is in your best interest to handle this inspection correctly and hire a professional. 

Our fee for this service is a flat $250 and covers the multiple trips to the city and we expedite the process as fast as possible. 

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