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Steel Modular Homes
Belle Glade Area


The only State of Florida system approved
for Miami Dade County Hurricane Category 5



All City Permits is pleased to announce that we are an Independent Authorized Sales Rep for Steel Homes. We Offer An All In One Project Management
Solution from Land to Finished Product move in Ready for Your Family

From years of experience in the permit part of the residential construction process, we saw that most new construction is built by developers, contractors, and owners of high end custom built homes. Everyday people with a modest budget looking for a family home are excluded from this process because of the various parts that need to come together and their lack of expertise. In addition, in the South Florida market, rising housing costs and inflation have caused most (first time) buyers to be priced out of the market and remain lifetime renters.

These are actual photos of finished Steel Modular Homes in South Florida

Click here to view Home Styles and Floor Plans

Leveraging our expertise in the permit process and connections with the best contractors in the industry, we looked into this real need and got more involved. After many months of research, we connected with the team at Steel Homes, toured their South Florida factory and learned about the many benefits of their Hurricane Resistant Prefabricated Modular Homes. Everything gets build in 4 - 6 weeks in their controlled factory environment and then delivered to the jobsite and permanently  installed onto a foundation built by the contractor. Then connected to main sewer line, electrical hookup to FPL, AC units installed, stucco and paint entire of exterior of home, etc. to finish making home move in ready. Finished steel homes are engineered to last 100 years and meet the highest construction techniques and practices in today's market. Modular Homes are considered the same real property (just like traditional home construction) when completed and installed on a permanent foundation, and insured as such. In addition, there is a home insurance savings with Steel Homes construction which is based on the cost saving benefits of it (see benefits section below)

In traditional home construction all the materials all brought to the jobsite and left outside exposed to the elements during the construction and inspections. With Steel Homes, everything is built in a controlled environment (right here in South Florida, we can setup a tour for you) and inspected as it is built. Traditional Construction uses wood or cbs walls then stucco around the exterior. Wood and drywall brings terminates and mold in Florida. With Steel Homes, there is no wood or cbs rather the walls are Engineered Steel and then stucco around the exterior. Steel offers many benefits as an alternative to wood or cbs. (Click here to Download the Catalog)

Modular Homes should not be confused with Mobile or Manufactured Homes which are built with inferior products, installed on temporary foundations, not considered real property and generally depreciate in value similar like automobiles do. 

Benefits of Homes built by Steel Homes Include:

Build faster, stronger, sustainable, and cost effective
Only State of Florida complete system approved for Miami Dade County Hurricane 5 resistant
Eco-friendly production designed, built, managed to reduce waste and additional onsite hours.
Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building materials
100% non-combustible support that will not burn or contribute fuel to the spread of fire
"Green Systems" produced from recycled steel, energy efficient and electricity costs lowered
Does not warp, twist, bow, shrink, swell, shift, or rot
Flood Resistance and less probability of damage due to weather related events
High strength-to-weight ratio maximizes building flexibility, and provides rigid structural integrity
Fabricated in a controlled environment to ensure quality, consistency, and safety
Mold and termite-resistant
Ongoing home insurance savings
Appreciate in value like traditional homes


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All City Permits manages your Home Construction Project from Start to Finish
in the City of Belle Glade.

We help you to find the land and evaluate it for Zoning approval, and we even help negotiate the sale (if needed, we are a licensed real estate agent. License # SL3272190).

Then as a Independent Authorized Sales Rep for Steel Homes, we can help show you your home style options and secure the best price. We can even setup a tour at the factory so you can see and understand how the homes are constructed.

During the process, we help get you setup for a Construction Loan with our community local bank where the rates are very competitive and they work with first time and other buyers. Loans can be construction loans that turn into regular fixed 15 and 30 year loans.

Next we take care of all the permits and will manage the project with all the needed Contractors to take the project to completed status.


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